Do your customers want to export to EU? can help them, You can help them, we can help them!

30 years of experience on CE marking, 50 years of experience in consultancy, thousands of jobs successfully completed.

These are our numbers.

European laws regulate all products placed on the EU market.

One law for each product results in a complex system that you need to know in depth. Knowledge avoids errors, preventive action eliminates problems.

Your customers who already export to Europe and those who would like to do it can ask for your help, to find out their obligations.

You will be able to respond to their requests with our partnership. We will provide you with all the necessary support and assistance and you will be able to provide an additional service.


Our aim is not your clients, but to provide your firm with a new business opportunity.

The target is represented by any producer of any product who wants to enter the EU market. You will only have to ask us the questions, we will provide you with the answers and only you can decide your role in this work.

The next step?

Contact us, you will always receive immediate answers and exhaustive explanations, because for us and for you, time is money.


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