Do you need to help your customers shipping goods to EU?

Your knowledge of international shipping procedures and our expertise on the European laws that regulate the EU market can facilitate the work of your customers, which you will continue to manage.

We don’t want your customers, but to expand your service for them.

You certainly know the rules that regulate imports to the European Union, but the laws for placing goods on this market are a different thing.

Product compliance with at least one specific law is always required; therefore, it is necessary to know the entire system that regulates the products, not just the customs regime.

Be prepared

Often the requests of customs officials are not consistent with the law, because they don’t know it, so it is very important to be prepared, to have precise knowledge of the European regulations, to be sure of respecting them in order to be able to reply effectively to any request, right or wrong. Being unprepared is the worst way to discuss with customs officers.


Be compliant

Our service will allow you to accompany your customers in the mandatory process to comply with European laws on imports and trade in the EU market. Make sure your customer has no problems and trusts you to satisfy his needs.

The next step?

Contact us, you will always receive immediate answers and exhaustive explanations, because for us and for you, time is money.


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